Ikigai: Find Your Purpose In Life.

For what reason, we get up in the morning? What is the meaning of life? These are questions we often ask ourselves.

Ikigai can help you answer these questions.

Ikigai is an idea starting from the Japanese island of Okinawa, home to the biggest populace of centenarians in the world. So, could finding our ikigai — our justification being — lead to satisfaction and life span throughout everyday life?

The Japanese concept of Ikigai answers these questions, by finding our reason for being. So, what exactly is Ikigai, and how can we use its lessons to find meaning and happiness in our lives?

Ikigai, according to one definition, is our “raison d’être”, or the happiness of always being busy, both in our professional life and everyday life. It’s the passion and talent we have that gives meaning to our days and drives us to share the best of ourselves with the world.

1.What do we love?

2.What would we say we are acceptable at?

3.What does the world need?

4.What would you be able to be paid for?

Ikigai is found at the convergence of these four inquiries, where enthusiasm, mission, job, and call meet.

1.Find a reason we unequivocally put stock in.

2. Stop thinking and begin doing.

3.Speak to individuals who have comparative interests.

4.And, acknowledge that misfortunes are typical.

1.Finding stream in all that we do, and staying dynamic.

2.Taking it moderately, and not stressing.

3.Cultivating great propensities, including great sustenance.

4.Nurturing great fellowships.

5.Living an unhurried life, and practicing day by day.

6.Being idealistic and grinning a ton.

7.Reconnecting with nature.

8.Giving much appreciated, and having flexibility.

9.Cherishing “wabi-sabi”, or the blemish of life.

10.And, living by “ichi-go, ichi-e”: the information that this second exists just now, and will not come back once more.

What’s your ikigai?

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